Local Enrolments

From Foundation to Year 12 and beyond, students at East Preston Islamic College (EPIC) are encouraged to aspire to excellence, to embrace Islamic values and to go above and beyond to make a real difference to the community and environment around them.

Students may enter the School at any year level depending on the availability of places. To avoid disappointment, particularly for the major entry points such as Foundation and Year 7, we advise that all applications are made at least 6 months in advance. If a place is unavailable, students will be placed on a holding list.


  • The minimum age for all students shall be no less than 5 years old before 30th April; (if your child is born on the 1st May or later, we cannot enrol them)
  • Every child seeking enrolment at this college should have attended kindergarten;


Enrolment Form

If you wish to apply, click on the Enrolment Form link.

2021 Local Student Fee Schedule

Years 11-12

Per Annum


Per Term


Years 7-10

Per Annum

$ 2,000

Per Term


Year 10 VET Fees*

Per Annum

$ 950

Per Term


Primary Tuition

Per Annum

$ 1,000

Per Term


Building, Library and IT Levy Fee of $300 Per Annum or $75 Per Term 

*Year 10 V.E.T. Fees are compulsory & cannot be discounted.

Discounts for siblings at our School

Sibling Discount Concessions: Families with more than 1 child at the college qualify for a family discount on school fees only (not inclusive of V.E.T. fees) as follows:

First Child

Full fee – Eldest

Second Child

 $100 less

Third Child

$150 less

Fourth Child

$200 less

Fifth Child


Enrolment Fee

A non refundable enrolment fee of $100 (per child) is payable with Application for Enrolment.  To secure a place, each term’s fees are payable in advance and are due as follows:




APRIL 2021


JULY 2021



For all enquiries about fees and other charges please contact the Finance Office.

Please Note: Fees are subject to change at any time.