East Preston Islamic College Appoints New Vice Principal

As’salamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

We are pleased to advise that the Board has appointed Ms. Masiha Rayan as the Vice Principal of East Preston Islamic College. Ms. Rayan replaces Mr Neil Hysni Hasankolli, who became Principal of East Preston Islamic College, in March 2021.

Mr. Hasankolli said.” Masiha has been the Head of Secondary School since 2019 and is a student-focussed, dynamic leader who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the college, specifically the well-being of the college community.

Chairman of the East Preston Islamic College Board, Mr. Amad Kazi, said,” we have now reached a milestone with appointments of key leadership roles at EPIC. The new leadership in place will build on EPIC’s strong heritage and will strive to make EPIC a model Islamic school in the heart of Melbourne.

Ms. Rayan showed wealth of knowledge and passion for EPIC. She demonstrated strategic depth and management skills which will provide direction and guidance to school leadership team. Her collaborative approach will be pivotal in providing support to the principal and coordinators and to meet performance objectives set by the Board and the Principal. 

On behalf of the Board, I want to take this opportunity to thank school leadership team and teachers who are working very hard for our children in difficult circumstances and seek their ongoing support to make Ms. Rayan successful in her role.

Masiha’s teaching journey began at EPIC in 2009, in a Grade 5 classroom. She has since taught students over the thirteen years in Primary, Secondary and Specialist settings. She pursued her post-graduate studies in 2016, completing a Master of Education, majoring in Inclusive Education. Masiha became the Head of Secondary School in 2019.

Ms. Rayan said, “I look forward to seeing East Preston Islamic College move into a future that serves its Islamic community and empowers its students to achieve all that they wish to.”

As Vice Principal, Masiha wants EPIC to be a school that empowers its community through a high standard of education and outstanding academic achievement. It is her hope that all students leave EPIC with a deep sense of pride in their identity and that the school fosters a commitment in each student to achieving their best.

Masiha’s vision is to build on the existing foundation of a nurturing Islamic environment and develop a competitive academic atmosphere that makes use of evidence-based practice. Masiha is dedicated to our students and the school moto “success here and the hereafter”.

Masiha looks forward to continuing her work at East Preston Islamic College and serving its community